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    Хватай, а то убежит! Empty Хватай, а то убежит!

    Сообщение автор Numenori в Ср 30 Мар 2011 - 4:15

    Только сегодня!
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    Ручное обновление 493-501

    Patch Notes Version 501
    Released March 30, 2011

    User Interface
    The virtual keyboard for the password at the login prompt now correctly defaults to lowercase letters.
    The timer on the Genie's trade state no longer bleeds out of the interface.
    Removed the Chinese that appeared when clicking on the player trade windows.
    Cleaned up some more of the interfaces within the Faction Base.

    Shattered Nightspike Crystals are no longer "Shatterd Nightspike Crystals".
    System announcements for the Bidding Hall have been edited and are now shorter than before. Some changes will be more dramatic than others.

    Expect much more next patch!

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    Сообщение автор QoR в Ср 30 Мар 2011 - 4:38

    ага. голд значит взлетает, а хирки убирают из распродажи.

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    Сообщение автор Neurologist в Ср 30 Мар 2011 - 8:06

    недельная распродажа... zxxlh (171)
    И спасибо за обновку)

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