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    Eden Eternal: Обновление 26.07.2011


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    Eden Eternal: Обновление 26.07.2011

    Сообщение автор QoR в Пн 22 Авг 2011 - 14:33

    Numenori пишет:Изменения, внесённые данным обновлением, затрагивают введение двух новых инстансов для игроков 50+, некоторые изменения в локализации клиента игры и обещание в августе добавить новый контент. Подробный текст патчнота ниже.

    Eden Eternal Patch Notes (7/26/11)
    Posted:GMAltair GameMaster: USA

    New Additions

    Two More New Level 50 Dungeons - The Heroic Trials
    As we started with Angor Quarry and Vileshark HQ, we have added two new challenges for our level 50 players.
    These raid-type dungeons are now able to be challenged. To start the Heroic Trials you will need to visit Inna in Aven.
    Note: You must be in a raid party to enter these trials!
    Trial: Fort Verdure - 5 Player Dungeon
    Trial: Ulta Hall - 8 Player Dungeon
    For more information about these dungeons please refer to [GS]Bob's guide for more details!
    Crystal Altar has been updated with new prizes!
    New items have been added to the in-game Item Mall! (PLAYER REQUESTED: Heroic Trait Reset and Makeover Kit! Find them in "Consumables")

    Bug Fixes

    The localization issues with the Aven fame group redemption NPCs have been fixed.
    Various other localization issues have been addressed.

    Current Known Issues

    Aven fame group merchants (i.e. Silver Needle, Nature Seeker, etc.) have functionality issues.
    Upgraded gear sometimes do not show visual effects.
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience, though apparently other versions of the game also have this issue. We have been told by our developers that they are working to correct this in a future patch.

    Coming Soon
    August updates!
    We have a lot of new content coming in the near future! Stay tuned for more details!

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